Living,Legs,Velvet,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Metal,with,in,Darian,Tufted,Light,,/bubbleless192810.html,$169,Posh,Bench Living,Legs,Velvet,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Metal,with,in,Darian,Tufted,Light,,/bubbleless192810.html,$169,Posh,Bench $169 Posh Living Darian Tufted Velvet Bench with Metal Legs in Light Home Kitchen Furniture Posh Living Darian Tufted Velvet Bench Light Legs with in Superior Metal $169 Posh Living Darian Tufted Velvet Bench with Metal Legs in Light Home Kitchen Furniture Posh Living Darian Tufted Velvet Bench Light Legs with in Superior Metal

Posh Living Darian Tufted Velvet Bench Light SEAL limited product Legs with in Superior Metal

Posh Living Darian Tufted Velvet Bench with Metal Legs in Light


Posh Living Darian Tufted Velvet Bench with Metal Legs in Light

Product description

Color:Light Gray and Gold

This velvet upholstered bench is an elegant and eye-catching piece which will steal the spotlight. Perfect for any room of your home. Thick and luxuriously soft velvet upholstery and generous foam padding make this bench a comfortable place to sit down at the same time channel tufting gives furniture a plump and push look. It adds a modern twist to any decor. The tapered metal legs have a mirrored lacquer finish that provides a nice contrast to the rich colored fabric and ensures structural strength and stability.

Features :

ELEGANT DESIGN - This bench with padded seat and metal tapered leg design is a trending combination of sleek and contemporary style.
CHANNEL TUFTED DETAIL A classic shape and tapered legs design brings you back to mid-century times and channel tufted detail in velvet upholstery.
MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - Can be used in multiple room settings: as an ottoman, bench, vanity chair, dressing chair.
VERSATILE USE - Bring a splash of glamorous style to any space in your home with this versatile bench. It provides extra seating with an elegant look that can fit into any room.
COLOR VARIETY - Extremely soft velvet upholstery available in multiple colors..

Specifications :

Product Dimensions : 52.5L x 22W x 18.5H
Weight Capacity : 350 lbs.

Posh Living Darian Tufted Velvet Bench with Metal Legs in Light

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