$89 SCITOO Timing Belt Water Pump Kit Include Timing Belt Water Pump Automotive Replacement Parts $89,Belt,Water,Pump,Pump,Water,SCITOO,Kit,nhacaidaga.com,Timing,Timing,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Include,/cardel245695.html,Belt $89,Belt,Water,Pump,Pump,Water,SCITOO,Kit,nhacaidaga.com,Timing,Timing,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Include,/cardel245695.html,Belt SCITOO Timing Belt Water Kit Pump Max 55% OFF Include $89 SCITOO Timing Belt Water Pump Kit Include Timing Belt Water Pump Automotive Replacement Parts SCITOO Timing Belt Water Kit Pump Max 55% OFF Include

SCITOO Timing Belt Water Kit Pump Ranking TOP12 Max 55% OFF Include

SCITOO Timing Belt Water Pump Kit Include Timing Belt Water Pump


SCITOO Timing Belt Water Pump Kit Include Timing Belt Water Pump

Product description

96-98 for LEXUS ES300 3.0L 2959CC V6 GAS DOHC Naturally Aspirated
94-95 for LEXUS ES300 3.0L 2995CC V6 GAS DOHC Naturally Aspirated
95-99 for TOYOTA Avalon 3.0L 2995CC V6 GAS DOHC Naturally Aspirated
94-01 for TOYOTA Camry 3.0L 2995CC V6 GAS DOHC Naturally Aspirated
98-00 for TOYOTA Sienna 3.0L 2995CC V6 GAS DOHC Naturally Aspirated
99-03 for TOYOTA Solara 3.0L 2995CC V6 GAS DOHC Naturally Aspirated

This kit includes:
+1 Timing Belt (211 teeth)
+1 Tensioner Bearing
+1 Idler Bearing
+1 Crankshaft Seal
+2 Camshaft Seals
+1 Water Pump with gasket
+1 Hydraulic Tensioner
+1 Valve Cover Gasket (Left Side)
+1 Valve Cover Gasket (Right Side)
+6 Spark Plug Tube Seals
+16 Grommets

Part Number:
TBK257, TS26257, ITM257, WP170-1920, TCKWP257, 470-5817 TA81269AT888PS VS50471R, VC2033, VCTO033, 036-1521, VS5029, VC960G

SCITOO Timing Belt Water Pump Kit Include Timing Belt Water Pump

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